Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Aggie game

When Lizzy poops it's so funny to watch and listen to her. She'll scrunch up her face and grunt. Sometimes she'll even make a low moaning sound like it feel really good to get all that poop out. Probably doesn't sound very funny or good to anyone else, but I guess you have to be there. Either way she always feel really good afterward and usually takes a really long nap if it's around that time.

Grandma and Grandpa are visiting the weekend of the 17th and KoKo is visiting Halloween weekend. Lizzy is excited (though she doesn't know it yet) to see everyone.

Lizzy was doing so well with going to sleep early until last week. Now she wants to be up and playing until 10 PM almost every night. Last night was the first night she went to sleep early in a long time. She's also starting to wake up around 3-4 in the morning to eat again. I'm guessing a lot of this was because of a growth spurt she had this last week. She's only wanted to cuddle and eat.

Lizzy has found her throat and voice more so than before. She's started this "coughing" thing now where she starts to actually cough. She'll just sit there or bounce and cough over and over again. It's really very funny. And no, she's not sick. She also has found that moving her tongue while making noise makes different sounding noises. It's really very cute, and I got a few videos of her doing it.

I thought maybe she had an ear infection this past weekend because she kept rubbing and pulling at her right ear, but she was never really fussy like she was sick. So yesterday I kept watch to see if she kept at the rubbing/pulling, and nothing. She never acts sick and the only thing I had to go on was that she was rubbing/pulling on her right ear. Now she's stopped doing it, so I guess it was just a baby thing for her to do. So no doctor for her until she actually acts sick.

Yesterday Lizzy was a little angel. I guess she knew it was my birthday. We had Ramona and Jenny come and babysit while Daddy took me to dinner. Daddy also got me flowers, and we had some fun looking, smelling, and touching them. I think she really liked the colors of them.

For Halloween Lizzy is going to be a ladybug. It's the costume Sydney wore for her second Halloween. Hopefully it'll be a little chilly so that Lizzy is not so hot in her costume.

Lizzy saw her first Aggie football game last weekend. She actually watched the game most of the time too. It was pretty funny.

Time to upload all of the new videos of Lizzy so I can send out an email.