Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy late birthday?

Okay, so a lot has happened. Lizzy turned 11, then 12, and is now 13 months old. She's currently teething her molars (fun stuff!), and she's been walking since 2 days before her birthday. Heh, if you think I'm bad at keeping up with this blog, just think of how I am with her First Year Calendar :P

Lizzy decided, 2 days before she turned 1, so start walking without any help. And because she had been cruising along anything and everything for so long (about 3-4 months) she took right off and didn't even fall! It took her awhile to get the hang of standing up from a sitting position to start walking, but if she was already standing, look out! Since she's now about 13.5 months she's RUNNING everywhere and won't stay still for a minute. It's like she has a whole world to explore and she can't miss a minute of it. Gone are the days of being able to go out to eat for us. Now we must either let her walk around, following her while one of us eats, or we just forgo the whole "going out to eat" business. Maybe in a couple years we'll be able to go to a restaurant with her again, but until then it's either eating at our house or someone else's :)

Molars suck. As soon as she turned a year old, she start teething for her molars. At least that's what I'm telling myself to make myself feel better about all of the fussiness and temper tantrums that are happening. Where did my sweet little angel go? I digress... So Lizzy now has one molar on the bottom right and bottom left one is on it's way. It's gotten to the point that her teeth are causing her to get sick. She currently has a wet cough (yummy isn't it?) and her diapers are, well, I just won't go there. Needless to say that my first comment in this paragraph is the honest to God's truth. MOLARS SUCK!

I can't believe my little girl is a year! Can you? Probably...but I can't! I remember fondly of the times when she would just sleep in my arms weighing only 10 lbs, or when she would just sit on the floor and not move b/c she didn't know how to. I think I'm tearing up a bit...

I signed Lizzy up for a Mommy's Day Out program at a church that's about half a mile from the house. She starts the day after Labor Day and will go on Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 2pm. I will have 10 hours by myself every week!!! Unless there's a school holiday, as the church goes by the LEISD school calendar. But still, my house will be clean again! I will be sane again! I will get SLEEP again! Can you tell I'm excited? I love Lizzy, I really really do, but Momma needs some time to herself.

In about 2 weeks, Lizzy and I are heading to Houston for a 2 week vacation to see family and friends. That means Steve gets the house (and animals) all to himself for 2 weeks straight. Will be go back to his bachelor ways (meaning eating beans on tortillas for dinner and other fine cuisine)? We shall see. Meanwhile, Lizzy and I will be meeting up with Aunt Rosanna, Ko-Ko, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Jennifer, Aunt Kara, Uncle Greg, Uncle David, Aunt Emily, Uncle Vlad, (Aunt) Karen, (Uncle) Jason, (Aunt) Mary, and many other family and friends that I'm just not in the mood to name. All I know is Lizzy will start off with dinner with Steve's family, then have fun with other family and friends, go to a wedding, head to Gavleston at some point, and end our vacation in Austin. (Aunt) Karen will get to babysit for an hour or two while Steve (he's meeting up with us in Austin) and I go to a birthday dinner for (Uncle) Jeff. Then it'll be girl time for Karen, Lizzy and I while Daddy goes out partying with Jeff and friends. It'll be a good great vacation.

And now for some pictures...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Again with the updating

Man, I am bad at updating. Okay, so the last 2 months...

Lizzy turned 9 then 10 months. She's always so happy, I love her to pieces.

Lizzy also got her first really bad sickness. She got a stomach virus that caused her to vomit then have diarrhea, and because she didn't want anything in her tummy from her nausea she got dehydrated. Since she got dehydrated we got to spend a lovely Saturday morning and afternoon at the ER. It took them 5 sticks before they got an IV in, and Lizzy screamed the whole time. At least after all of that she started drinking fluids again. She finally got over all of her sickness, but it took a week plus a couple of days. Now she's back to her happy-go-lucky self that loves to eat and play.

Tomorrow we have a playdate with a group of people at the Wiggly Play Center in Frisco. They have a toddler area, so Lizzy can have fun in there (with me) while I have some adult conversation (if she lets me).

Other than her getting sick for a week, everything has been pretty normal. Lizzy loves her fruits and veggies, she crawls, she cruises along anything that is as tall as or taller than herself, she loves laughing at the animals, she's shy around new people, and she's making her way confidently around the house now.

And now for some pictures...

Monday, January 11, 2010

8 months

Guess who turned 8 months old on the 7th?

She's really getting the hang of crawling. Her favorite place to go is the kitchen. As soon as she sets hands on the tile she starts yelling loudly to hear her own voice. She's so silly!

Those top teeth are still coming in. I wish they would hurry and cut through the gums! Tylenol and teething tablets are our friends.

Well, since she is eating more and more solids, my milk supply is starting to dry up. We got our first can of formula yesterday at the store. I have some milk in the freezer that we'll be mixing with the formula so that she gets used to the taste. I still plan on nursing her at night, but she doesn't get enough during the day anymore, hence the formula. Hey, I made it 8 months! Go me :)

Grandma and Pawpaw are coming to visit this weekend. It's supposed to rain most of the weekend, but that's okay. We'll keep entertained by watching Lizzy crawl all over the house.

Big news for us as well. We've decided to buy a new car. We'll be getting a Toyota Sienna XLE. Yes, I am getting a Mommy Van. We'll trade in the Highlander for the new vehicle. Not sure exactly when, but the plans are in the works. Lizzy will have lots more room and trips will be a lot more fun.

Lizzy is up from her nap now so I will write more at a later date. Here's a picture of her teeth!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

See what happens with life happens?

Okay wow, it's been way too long. Life just kind of got away from me. We've been so busy, I'll break it up for ya'll.

October 2009:

Grandma and Grandpa (Pawpaw) came to visit the weekend of Pawpaw's birthday. We all had fun and Pawpaw took lots of pictures on his expensive camera. Lizzy found her toes this month as well. She loves to put her feet and toes in her mouth whenever she gets a diaper change (let's everyone tell her future boyfriends this ;) ). She also learned to sit up all on her own! One day I decided to see how she would do (as I had been doing this off and on throughout the month) and on the 25th she stayed sitting up when I let go! She also showed interest in the food and drinks we were eating, so she started solids. She did great! She eats like a little lady now, with her hands folded over each other. The month ended with Ko-Ko coming to visit for Halloween. On the actual day of Halloween, Lizzy decided that she wanted to try out her first word, Da-Da. It's been non-stop talking since.


Lizzy had her 6 month doctor's appointment this month. She weighed 18.01 lbs and was 26 inches long. Grandma and Pawpaw came to visit again! They came in on a Thursday after she got home from her playdate. There was a 9 month old little girl at the playdate, but Lizzy was bigger than her in size! She kept taking all of the toys away from the little girl. Funny now, but we'll have to keep an eye on it later on. On the 19th Lizzy got her first tooth! She only fussed for a day or so, the pop, there it was. The second one came in soon after. She also went to the doctor and get her first of 2 flu shots. I made Daddy go with us so he could see how shots make her very unhappy, and do you know how she did? She didn't cry at all! She made a whiney sound and then nothing. I was so annoyed that Daddy got out of a crying Lizzy! Thanksgiving was spent in Victoria with the Summers'. We had lots of fun seeing everyone! Lizzy started to try and crawl during this month, but never quite actually moved.


Lizzy crawled this month! She actually started going backwards, but finally got the hang of going forward toward the end of the month. We had a Christmas playdate before leaving for Houston to spend Christmas with the O'Donnell's. We had loads of fun! When we got back home, Lizzy had to get her second of 2 flu shots. This time she cried like she usually does when getting shots and Daddy got to see first hand what Mommy has to go through (not to mention Lizzy). On New Year's Eve Lizzy pulled herself into a stand position! Now every time we help her into a standing position she tries to walk. Soon she's be all over the place!

Here some pictures!