Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A letter to Lizzy

Dear Lizzy,

I know that I am the source of your food. However, when I am trying to get to to go to sleep during the night, please happily oblige. I promise I will not withhold the boob from you when you wake up again. Being awake from 10:30 PM until 2 AM is not fun for Mommy. It's also not fair for Daddy when Mommy wakes him up at 2 AM (because she's so tired that she can't see straight) to help to get you to sleep. Mommy feels almost like a failure when you go right to sleep for Daddy around 2:30 AM. Again, I know I smell like food, but you do not need to eat 24/7.

Love you always,

P.S. I don't really feel like a failure. It's just so frustrating when you won't go to sleep for Mommy EVAR...

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