Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 weeks old today!

I can't believe Lizzy is already 4 weeks old. It's gone by so fast! Seems like it was just yesterday that she was sleeping all the time and we were having trouble with breastfeeding. Now she actually stays awake some of the day and is nursing like a champ. She knows who I am and likes to look at me. She's still not smiling on her own, but I think that happens more toward the 8 week mark. From what I've read, she should start making cooing noises soon. Can't wait for those!

We have such a grunter on our hands. She even grunts in her sleep. Like right now, she's napping and grunting at the same time. I just got all of the extra stuff we had out of her crib and put away. Tonight we'll transition her into the crib. When Steve gets home from work we'll set up the monitor in her room. She's gotten to where she sleeps well in her bassinet, so hopefully this change will go smoothly. Maybe this will help Steve's and my sleep patterns. When she grunts, it wakes us up, so we don't get a good a sleep as we could while she's out.

I can definitely tell it's summer. Lizzy sweats when sleeping in her swing during the day. I don't like it when she sweats so now I've started putting her in her bassinet for her daytime naps. So far so good on her not sweating. I seem to be sweating 24/7, but I attribute that to hormones and not the weather. I did turn the A/C 2 degrees cooler during the day, though, so we'll see if that helps as well.

A week ago we started going on morning walks with the dogs. We did it every day from Wednesday until Saturday. I figured we could take a break on Sunday. I fully intended to start walking again Monday, but we had a huge thunderstorm come through. Tuesday was the same thing, but only rain no lightning. Wedensday morning saw rain again. This morning we actually had a nice morning, but we were up from 11:30 PM to 3 AM cluster feeding so I decided it was better for us to sleep than to walk. Tomorrow...tomorrow I plan on walking. It's good for all of the household. 1) Lizzy gets fresh air, 2) I get exercise, and 3) the dogs get exercise. Need to keep up with it.

We have somewhat of a daily routine. This is how our day usually goes:

4 or 5 AM - last feeding of the night/diaper change
6 AM - naps while I get Steve's lunch made and breakfast ready
7 AM - go on our walk
8 AM - naps while I shower
8:30 AM - bathtime for Lizzy
9 AM - feed
10 AM - naps while I either nap or clean the house
12 PM - feed/diaper change
1 PM - awake time
4 PM - feed/diaper change
5 PM - either naps or awake time
7 PM - feed/diaper change/change into night clothes
8 PM - bedtime
10 PM - feed/diaper change
11 PM - either back to bed or awake time
1 AM - feed/diaper change
2 AM - back to bed
4 or 5 AM - last feeding of the night

Sometimes we have cluster feedings in there, where she'll feed every 30 minutes or every hour. She is a growing girl! But so far, that's our day. And of course those times can vary.

Well, time for me to get back to my day. Lizzy is napping (she last fed at 10:30 AM), so I better go nap as well.

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