Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy birthday and one month

First off let me just say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!!

Sissy, Greg, Sydney, and Parker came for a visit this last Sunday-Monday. We all had a good time, although it messed Lizzy's schedule up a bit. We all went to the pool while Steve and Lizzy stayed home. When we got back from the pool, we learned that Lizzy ate 7 oz of expressed breast milk! Can you believe it?

Lizzy had a bit of a hard night that Sunday night, not wanting to sleep and being a little fussy. We were both so tired on Monday that we slept most of the day, which then messed up Monday night. Tuesday was better though.

We're getting into more of a definite schedule now. She has her awake times in the mornings and in the evenings, then sleeps most of the other times of the day. Nights are still a learning experience, although last night was great. She slept a little after eating around 7:30 PM, was awake until about 10:30 PM when she ate again. She then slept from about 11:30 PM until 2 AM when she ate again. Then it was back to sleep right away to wake back up at 4:45 AM for her last feeding of the night. It was an awesome night mostly b/c she would go right back to sleep after getting changed and fed.

Today was a fun day for Lizzy and me. She was awake from about 10 AM until noon, so we walked around the house looking at stuff, had tummy time, and sat and looked at each other.

Oh, I almost forgot, Lizzy turned one month old on Sunday! She's gotten so big compared to what she was when she first came home. It's going by so fast!!!

Okay, this is going to be a short entry. We need to go to the grocery store, and Lizzy is going to go as well. It's going to be quite an outing. I'll get to show off my Moby wrap again.

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