Thursday, June 25, 2009

7 weeks

We'll be heading to Houston tomorrow morning. Went today to get some diaper rash cream and some travel baby bath and lotion. Also gassed up the car so we don't have to do it tomorrow morning. We plan on getting on the road as soon as we're all fed, clothed, and pottied. Houston here we come!

Lizzy slept 7 hours straight Tuesday night! I was so excited that I got more than 4 hours of straight sleep. It was so great, I just can't get over it. She hasn't done it again, but who knows. She is 7 weeks now.

She's started to spit up a lot again. I think it's the heat outside. It's been in the 100s for the past week. Hopefully it'll stop soon.

Well, she's fussing, so I need to go tend to her.

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