Monday, June 29, 2009

Back from our first overnight trip

And we made it! Going to Houston turned out to be very fun for all involved. Lizzy did really well in the car trip (5+ hours with stops for changes and feedings). She didn't quite like getting back into the car seat after every feeding when we stopped, but eventually she would quiet down. Grandma got to have Lizzy all to herself Friday afternoon/night. She babysat (while Lizzy slept) while Steve and I went to see a movie. Then we grilled steaks and chicken for dinner. Lizzy had her first shower with me (she's not as slippery when wet as I thought she would be). We got her to bed/sleep around 10 PM, not too bad I say.

The next morning Steve, Lizzy, and I lazed in bed until around 8 AM. Then it was time to get everyone ready for the family reunion. On the way there, Aunt Jennifer called to see where we were and how long it would be until we got there. Everyone was anxious to meet Lizzy. I can't tell you how many times I heard, "Where's that baby? I need to see her!" It was so funny! We all had a good time at the reunion. Lizzy did very well. She didn't fuss unless she needed a diaper change or was hungry. She even slept a couple of times in people's arms. That night we had our second shower together. I really think she loves the shower. I know she loves baths as she gets really quiet and relaxes. She did the same thing in the shower. She went to bed at 9 PM that night.

Sunday Steve and Grandpa went shopping at Fry's and Best Buy (Grandpa got a new printer/scanner/fax, Steve got some memory cards for work) while Grandma and I hung out at home with Lizzy. Before we left to go back home, Aunt Jennifer showed up and brought some non-Americanized gripe water. We gave it to Lizzy and boy did it work wonders! She started tooting and burping up a storm. The car ride back was less eventful than the car ride there. Although she got hungry about 5 minutes from the house and therefore started to scream her head off. Steve and I felt so bad when we finally got home and saw her little red face with all of the tears. We quickly changed her then fed her. Since she was so upset it took her a while to latch on, and then she took in way too much. Poor little girl. We got her into bed at 9:45, happy, clean, and full.

She slept NINE HOURS last night! I couldn't believe it. I went to sleep at 11, next thing I know it's 5 in the morning and Steve's alarm is going off. She's not making a sound, so I went back to sleep. She started making some noise around 6:45 so I got up to get her up. It was so great to have those 8 hours I got to sleep.

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