Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We've had a fun couple of weeks. Lizzy is now a champion roll-over roller. Every time I put her on the floor on her back, she starts to roll over. Yesterday she rolled from back to front to back again. Soon she'll figure out that she can roll all over the house. Then I really will need to vacuum every day.

The cloth diapers we have are called one-size as they grow with baby. Lizzy is now on the biggest size. I hope she can stay in them until she potty trains, but I seriously doubt it. I can dream though, can't I? She's doing great in her diapers though. No blow-outs in the cloth as all!

I've stopped using the blue bath tub for her baths now. She's also too big for me to have her in our shower with me. If our shower was bigger it wouldn't be so hard, but our shower is so tiny. So now we use our garden tub. As you can see from the picture, she just loves her baths.

Speaking of, we now have a definite schedule again. I KNOW you want to know:

8 AM - Get up, diaper change, eat, play
10 AM - Nap
11 AM - Get up, diaper change, eat, play
2 PM - Nap
4 PM - Get up, diaper change, eat, play
7:30 PM - Bath, pajamas, play
8 PM - Eat
8:30 PM - Bedtime

Now there's some more eating and diaper changing in there, but that changes every day depending on how hungry she is during the day. She's started to soothe herself to sleep now, so I try to get her into her crib by 9 PM at the latest. Most nights she's asleep by 9:30 PM, sometimes earlier and sometimes later. Still, I think our schedule is pretty good.

Lizzy has also found her thumb. Yes it could lead to all sorts of mouth problems and blah blah blah, but she puts herself to sleep with it in her mouth and doesn't need to fall asleep while feeding now. So I say for her to go for the thumb and we'll deal with it later.

Well, now I must clean stuff up as she's taking a nap right now.

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