Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two months old

We've made it two months!

Date: 07/07/09
Weight: 13 lbs (94th percentile)
Length: 23 inches (76th percentile)
Head circumference is in the 81st percentile
Development is right on track

We have a big girl on our hands! The doctor's appointment went great. Breastfeeding seems to have done an awesome job for my little girl. Steve and I think she'll have his height since she's already getting so big so fast, but who knows.

She also received her first set of shots as well. She DID NOT like it AT ALL. She cried so hard during them, but was okay once I got her into her car seat and was moving toward the door. She did well for the rest of the afternoon (her appointment was at 2 PM), but once 6 PM hit she would not stop crying/screaming. She was so distraught that she wouldn't even eat so we got the Moby wrap out and I wrapped her against my chest. Took a while, but she calmed down finally and fell asleep. When dinner was ready I unwrapped her to switch her to Steve (he'd already eaten), but she wouldn't calm down again. We decided to put her back onto me. We figured her smelling me is what got her to calm down in the first place. She was calm for about 30 minutes that second time, but kept crying so we went ahead and started her night time ritual of shower, eat, and bed. I knew she didn't feel good when she cried throughout her shower. I kept taking her temperature yesterday, but she never had a fever. But we finally got her to calm down enough to eat which made her fall right asleep. Got her into her bed around 10 PM.

She's doing a lot better today. She still feels a little warm, but she's not screaming about it. Right now she's in her swing pooping while sleeping. She still grunts a whole lot, mostly in the morning because she doesn't poop during the night. We found a gripe water that worked wonders for her. It's non-Americanized so it's a little stronger than Little Tummy's or other ones you can get at Walgreens. We recently bought a 4 pack off because we don't know of any Indian food stores around here (which is where you can get this stuff). Just waiting for it to come in the mail as we used the last of our other bottle up 2 days ago.

Time for me to get a nap in while she sleeps. She slept okay last night, but still woke up at 4 AM this morning so I am beat.

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